Medical Cover

Medical Cover

Medical Aid cover has evolved significantly over the years. Today, you essentially need to make a choice between Comprehensive cover with benefits both inside and outside the hospital or an option commonly  referred to as a ‘Hospital Plan’ which is hospital specific.

When choosing a suitable medical aid option, there are various factors to consider addressing your specific needs. As a healthy family, you might only want to protect yourself against large unforeseen hospitalization costs, or you might have a need for extensive day to day cover as well.

There are a multitude of plans available to clients at different pricing structures. There are Network plans that limit your choice of providers, versus the freedom to use any provider. One of the key factors that differentiate these plans are the different rates that the Medical Aid plan pays versus the actual rate that the doctor charges. This is where the need for GAP Cover arises. Gap Cover compliments your medical aid and pays the difference between the medical aid rate and the actual in hospital cost.

How we help our clients at Stabilita –

We conduct a thorough analysis of different Medical Schemes/Plan Options to best suit our clients’ needs. And then we assist with the associated paperwork!

We act as your intermediary and your submission of documents to the medical and any queries you have can be channeled through us.

We help you understand your benefits – especially when they change once a year!

We help you understand (and train you where applicable) on how your wellness program integrates with your Health plan.

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