The Stabilita Team

Rudi Malherbe

Founding Member
Rudi Malherbe is the acting Key Individual and has a wealth of experience working in the South African insurance industry, having previously worked for Old Mutual, Momentum and Discovery where he was employed as a Health and Life Specialist prior to the founding of Stabilita in 2008.
The insurance industry is about so much more than just having a life policy. It is about an analysis of your needs. It’s about identifying the most suitable products that address these needs and tailoring them to fit you. I am passionate about making sure that every client I meet walks away with a better understanding of what they need to do to achieve their financial goals.”

Karlien Malherbe

Founding Member
Karlien Malherbe is a Key Individual and founding member. With more than 12 years' experience in the insurance industry, she is an integral part of the team, bringing a wealth of technical knowledge to the operation.
The insurance industry is continually evolving with many technical changes and product enhancements. It is therefore critical that Advisors remain informed and knowledgeable on the technical details of products. In turn they should be able to translate such updated benefits in layman’s terms to new and existing clients.”

Morné Malherbe

Morné has 20 odd years of experience working in the Financial Services industry. Ten of these were spent working in London, working for a leading American Banking Group. He joined Stabilita in 2011 and looks after the Short Term Insurance portfolio.

The Short Term Insurance market is very competitive and very premium driven. A regular review of your portfolio allows you to both validate your premium and allows you to make sure your cover is relevant and up to date. The big question is – are you getting the CLIENT SERVICE you deserve?”

Linky Cooper

Administrative and Personal Assistant
Linky has been with Stabilita since early 2009, but has been involved in the Financial Industry for many years. She is the friendly voice that will greet you on the phone and the Administrative - and Personal Assistant to the Advisors. A key function for her is to liaise with Medical Aids, Service Providers and Clients in facilitating the pre-authorisation and claims process.

Being hospitalized can be a traumatic experience …or trying to understand a Medical Aid statement a frustrating one! It is my mission to make the entire administrative process as smooth as possible for our clients from authorization to submission of accounts.”